Class Bio::Graphics::SubFeature
In: lib/bio/graphics/subfeature.rb
Parent: Object

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draw   new  

External Aliases

label -> name
locations -> location


chopped_at_start  [RW]  Is the first subfeature incomplete?
chopped_at_stop  [RW]  Is the last subfeature incomplete?
colour  [RW]  The colour to use to draw this (sub)feature
feature  [RW]  The feature that this subfeature belongs to
feature_object  [RW]  The bioruby Bio::Feature object
glyph  [RW]  The glyph to use to draw this (sub)feature
hidden_subfeatures_at_start  [RW]  Are there subfeatures out of view at the left side of the picture?
hidden_subfeatures_at_stop  [RW]  Are there subfeatures out of view at the right side of the picture?
label  [RW]  The label of the feature
locations  [RW]  The locations of the feature (which is a Bio::Locations object)
pixel_range_collection  [RW]  The array keeping the pixel ranges for the sub-features. Unspliced features will just have one element, while spliced features will have more than one.
start  [RW]  The start position of the feature (in bp)
stop  [RW]  The stop position of the feature (in bp)
strand  [RW]  The strand of the feature

Public Class methods

!!Not to be used directly.


  • feature (required) :: Bio::Graphics::Feature object that this subfeature belongs to
  • feature object (required) :: A Bio::Feature object (see bioruby)
  • :glyph :: Glyph to use. Default = glyph of the track
  • :colour :: Colour. Default = colour of the track
Returns:Bio::Graphics::SubFeature object

Public Instance methods

Adds the subfeature to the track cairo context. This method should not be used directly by the user, but is called by Bio::Graphics::Feature::SubFeature.draw


  • track_drawing (required) :: the track cairo object
Returns:FIXME: I don‘t know