Class Bio::Graphics::Ruler
In: lib/bio/graphics/ruler.rb
Parent: Object

The Bio::Graphics::Ruler class describes the ruler to be drawn on the graph. This is created automatically when creating the picture by using Bio::Graphics::Panel.to_svg. See BioExt::Graphics documentation for explanation of interplay between different classes.



colour  [RW] 
height  [RW] 
major_tick_distance  [RW] 
min_pixels_per_tick  [RW] 
minor_tick_distance  [RW] 
name  [RW] 
panel  [RW] 
tick_height  [RW] 
tick_text_height  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Creates a new Bio::Graphics::Ruler object.


  • panel (required) :: Bio::Graphics::Panel object that this ruler belongs to
  • colour :: colour of the ruler. Default = ‘black‘
Returns:Bio::Graphics::Ruler object

Public Instance methods

Draw the ruler, including the faint vertical lines that go from top to bottom on the panel.